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ASSISTANCE FOR SINGLE PARENTS , PAGE 2 (and great links to FREE assistance for everybody)

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Hello my name is Terri and i am a single mother of 3 children after divorce. My children are 4,3,and 6. I am not recieving any childsupport, im working part time and am in school full time. Im having a very hard time right now paying the bills and making ends meet for my family. If anyone out there knows of any assistance programs that help people in my siduation ... I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much.
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hello im a single dad with 2 girls 7,and 13 i recently lost my job,and im in palm coast florida it is almost impossible to find a job here right now the nearest job i found was jacksonville and by the money i spend on gas and a sitter ill be spending,i dont no if anyone has any info on good ,real jobs that are available i dont care what at this point,if i dont find something in the next 3 weeks we are in trouble,i hear of alot of people getting financial assistance,if anyone has info on that i would greatly apprieciate it the only problem i cant promise i can pay it back so i no that makes it difficult, but any ideas would help i have a truck so if anyone that has anyway that i can produce any income at all... ty very much
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Hi prbk2006

I just updated the page on home assistance. You might want to try the resources there.

Here is the link  :


I hope this helps .


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I am a single mother of 3 children living in the basement of a friend sister house one bedroom and one bed for me and my children I am in need of help with finding my own place to live I am unemployed and only receive 220.00 for childsupport for one child. i need help. any contacts or suggestions please

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Nurse Antoinette

Please Help Me....I am a single mom...a registered nurse and in financial crisis b/c of going through a divorce. I am a home care nurse taking care of a veteran with Advanced Lou Gehrigs disease. I no longer have a car to get to him. B/c of what is going on with my divorce I have bad credit and no money to put down on a car. I need to continue to care for my patient. He is on a ventilator..and I am always struggling with his insurance companies to get the supplies he needs. This is a wonderful family and it is sad to say that other nurses will not advocate and write to the insurance companies and help the family with all these aspects of care. There has to be someone who has a reliable car that perhaps has just been sitting in their driveway. This is just the tip of the iceberg. My patient served on the USS John Paul Jones for several years..he is only 70y/o on a ventaltor and feeding tube. He needs agressive chest therapy to prevent pnumonia and beside the fact that the insurance company refuses to pay for necessary respiratory supplies I constantly am fighting for them as well as the fact..that as unfortunate has it seems the other nurses tend not to give him the aggressive chest therapy I do and the number one cause of death with this disease is Pnumonia. Please help us.

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Here is the site , needhelp12 : soulight:

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Hi needhelp12 Does your son qualify for student loans ? Does he qualify for any scholarships ? Is it possible for your son to work for a semester , then go back the next semester after helping you pay off the bills ? How about working part time and going to school part time? Just some ideas . I personally don't know much about student loans , but my daughter has a great site that she has used ,and I will ask her to look it up. I will get back to you. soulight

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Karen , You are most welcome ! soulight

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I am a single parent trying to send my son to college. I would like to borrow some money to pay off my son's tution from last semester so he can go back to school. I have few bills that have got me in hole and if I could pay them off I can get back on my feet. If anyone there know of a company that help me people with poor credit please let me know. I have not all ways had bad credit . I got behind on my bills when I had to help my mother with her medical bills. Even if I can not find any help I will find a way to send my son back to school.

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Its nice to read about other people like me, that I'm not alone and struggling by myself. That there is hope! Thank you, Karen

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Thank you sugarnot , You just made my day by your comment. I am so happy that I could help ! soulight

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I think what you are doing on your web pages are great. With so many web sites out there that will take advantage of single mothers trying to improve their children lives, it is great to find one that is only out to help and inform. You helped me out more than you know just by your kindness and going out of your way to help others.

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I am trying to get back on my feet to regain custody of my children from my abusive, mentally ill spouse. Please let me know where to get help.

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Hi Cindy , It is my pleasure. I am so glad you could find something helpful !

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Thanks for all of the great listings for help. I know that I'll be contacting a few of them. God bless you and yours! Cindy

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