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ASSISTANCE FOR SINGLE PARENTS , PAGE 2 (and great links to FREE assistance for everybody)

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Karen , You are most welcome ! soulight

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I am a single parent trying to send my son to college. I would like to borrow some money to pay off my son's tution from last semester so he can go back to school. I have few bills that have got me in hole and if I could pay them off I can get back on my feet. If anyone there know of a company that help me people with poor credit please let me know. I have not all ways had bad credit . I got behind on my bills when I had to help my mother with her medical bills. Even if I can not find any help I will find a way to send my son back to school.

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Its nice to read about other people like me, that I'm not alone and struggling by myself. That there is hope! Thank you, Karen

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Thank you sugarnot , You just made my day by your comment. I am so happy that I could help ! soulight

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I think what you are doing on your web pages are great. With so many web sites out there that will take advantage of single mothers trying to improve their children lives, it is great to find one that is only out to help and inform. You helped me out more than you know just by your kindness and going out of your way to help others.

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I am trying to get back on my feet to regain custody of my children from my abusive, mentally ill spouse. Please let me know where to get help.

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Hi Cindy , It is my pleasure. I am so glad you could find something helpful !

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Thanks for all of the great listings for help. I know that I'll be contacting a few of them. God bless you and yours! Cindy

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